About Us

Welcome to our diary and travel blog! This is the blog of the Duke, Duchess, & Dutch. My husband (Mike) and I (Gina) together with our yorkie baby boy (Dutch) have always yearned and love to travel. We have lived in our 4200 sq ft home in Louisiana for 14yrs. With about 3 years left before retirement, and hitch itch travel desires we've decided to sell the stix & brix, purchase our new dream home on wheels, live in it and traveling when every opportunity arises temporarily. Once retirement approaches we plan on becoming fulltime RV'ers living a nomad lifestyle! We're detaching the frills of home, family, and possessions to set out to begin the greatest adventure of our lives.

We hope to make many new friends and discoveries along the way and share them with you.

Come along and follow us in our new adventure from the transition of the "American Dream" to becoming "Dreaming~Drifters"! We would love to hear from you so leave a comment or you can email us at bryantsa@bellsouth.net